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Program Goal

Our goal is to promote self-confidence and to provide our students with the  academic and learning-skill foundation necessary for them to reach their potential, and experience success at the secondary level and beyond.

Our students benefit from:

  • increased motivation through relevant education
  • a wide range of teaching methods, tailored to individual skills, interests and learning styles (catered specifically to a student's IEP)
  • support in attaining educational and career goals
  • greater individual support (most classrooms have educational assistant support within)
  • an increase in self-confidence and academic success
  • experiential learning opportunities, including but not limited to: COOP, Dual Credit, OYAP, and field trips
  • Specialist High Skill Major programs include construction technology and Hospitality and Service
  • Pathway programs in Hairstyling
  • individualized technology, with all classrooms equipped with laptops, ELMOs and Smartboards
  • smaller classes, which average 16 students per class.
  • additional support through increased Teaching Staff and Support Staff, with two full-time administrators, and a full-time Student Support Worker
  • Community Partner Support for all students in need